Billie Eilish | Philadelphia

Billie Eilish | Philadelphia

On October 20th, Billie Eilish arrived to her sold out concert in Philadelphia. Eilish took the stage in her own iconic way. Typically dressed in oversized jackets paired with her seductive vibrato, Billie Eilish gave Philly the concert everyone came for. She entertained, she inspired, and she conquered the crowd. Her laid-back vibes and thought-provoking lyrics seem to pay homage to artists such as Ellie Goulding and Lorde. Although her voice emanates the likes of others in the industry, the reason Billie Eilish is so popular is because of her individuality.

A Los Angeles native, Billie Eilish fell in love with the arts at a very young age. Eilish was born into a very artistic family. This background inspired Billie to pursue her interests in both dancing and singing. She soon joined the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus when she was 8 years old. Now, at just 15 years old, she is already selling her own music and touring internationally. Before she was signed to Interscope Records, she gained her fame through SoundCloud. Eilish partnered with her brother Finneas O’Connell on producing and writing music. After they began collaborating, songs like ocean eyes, Fingers Crossed, and bellyache captured the ears and hearts of listeners worldwide.

As of August 11th, of 2017, Billie Eilish released her first EP dont smile at me. Her popular songs like ocean eyes and COPYCAT are on her newest EP. While she is touring, expect to hear these fan favorites, covers, and much more! Overall, all of Billie Eilish’s performances are unique and magnificent in their own right. To learn more about Billie Eilish’s music and upcoming tour dates, visit

Words by Melissa Tucker.

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