3OH!3 x Emo Nite | Cleveland

3OH!3 x Emo Nite | Cleveland

On November 29th, 3OH!3 and Emo Nite brought the WANT House Party tour to Cleveland, Ohio. The House of Blues was a non-stop party the second the doors opened.

A pair of DJs, Cyberspace and Cade, were up first, playing the early 2000’s hits we all love. The crowd was already dancing and singing before they even got to the stage. They definitely started the night out right. It was like the big main room of the House of Blues had turned into a tiny club, filled wall-to-wall with passionate music fans who were ready to have the time of their lives. It’s the kind of vibe you can only really get from an Emo Nite event.

As the night went on, each set seamlessly blended into the next. There was no need for boring set changes or 20-minute breaks between artists. They kept the party going all night and the music never stopped.

The crowd went crazy as the opening of “Sugar, We’re Going Down” by Fall Out Boy began to play and Emo Nite took the stage. In true Emo Nite fashion, after a few songs, they invited fans to join them on stage. This group of three friends have really created something special. The last Emo Nite event I attended was their after-party for the Alternative Press Music Awards last year. I didn’t entirely know what to expect then, but I ended up having an incredible night. Now, over a year later, having the opportunity to experience one of their events on a much greater scale did not disappoint.

Lil Aaron was next, performing some original favorites such as, “STUDDED GUCCI BELT”, “WARPED TOUR”, and “QUIT”. Fans got to stay on stage for his set, which reinforced the idea that everyone there was a part of the show. Lil Aaron was the perfect opener for the night, really getting the crowd pumped up for what was next.

After Lil Aaron, Emo Nite made their way back on stage as fans eagerly awaited the main act. They played hits by The Killers, The All-American Rejects, and Hawthorne Heights. Fans danced off the stage as the crew quickly got everything ready for 3OH!3.

As one song faded out, a doorbell sound began playing and 3OH!3 ran out on stage. This is when the ‘house party’ had truly started. Performing the entirety of their album WANT for it’s tenth anniversary, 3OH!3 transported everyone in the room right back to 2008. The crowd screamed every lyric, jumping and dancing along.

Before performing “CHOKECHAIN”, co-vocalist Sean Foreman told the crowd, “It’s fucking crazy. You guys have been around for 10 years!”

A theme throughout the whole show was inclusivity. “That’s why I love you guys, you’re all fucking different.” Sean told the crowd mid-set. These differences were to be celebrated and everyone was there to have a good time no matter what.

Emo Nite came back on stage before 3OH!3’s encore, inviting fans back up to party to a few more songs. As My Chemical Romance’s “Welcome to the Black Parade” faded out, the doorbell sound played once again, and 3OH!3 ran out on stage through the crowd of excited fans. Their final songs were, “My First Kiss” and, their most well-known hit, “DONTTRUSTME”. The crowd went absolutely crazy for these, ramping up the energy in the room more than I could’ve ever imagined. The night was a huge success and fans left tired, sweaty, and with huge smiles on their faces.

Words and photos by Kayla Kreller.