311 + Dirty Heads | Wantagh

New Yorkers were in for a treat this past Friday, July 26th as 311 and Dirty Heads held their co-headlining show at the very own Jones Beach Theater. The lineup was packed with five talented bands that each put on an insane performance! Opening acts included Bikini Trill, Dreamers, and The Interrupters. Despite their different genres, all the bands knew how to hype up a crowd and brought smiles to everyone’s faces.

Smoke filled the stage as the members of Dirty Heads walked out. Jared Watson and Dustin Bushnell took turns with vocals while Dustin simultaneously played his guitar. The sextet brought in a spectacular set that included reggae-rock infused hits such as “Oxygen,” “My Sweet Summer,” and closed off with “Vacation.”

As the sun started to set, fans from different age demographics filled up this 15,000-capacity amphitheater. Cheers erupted as 311’s frontman Nick Hexum walked past the GA section minutes before the band appeared on stage. Their stage setup was beautifully designed with an eye-catching backdrop and vibrant lights. Their set consisted of new songs from Voyager and a handful of older music as well. The band closed off with “Creatures (For a While)” and “Down” as the audience sang along to every word. The energy there can be felt from the pit all the way to the back seats. 311 has been at it for over thirty years and are still going strong with their loyal fanbase. Check out the rest of their tour dates here!

Words and photos by Angela Leung