Miami songstress Victoria Lane musically embraces the passion of pop in her unique covers and original tunes. With a growing social media profile and electric voice, it won’t be long until Lane’s songs are playing on lips and stuck in our minds. On the back of her latest single, “Lights Off” the singer-songwriter has a chat about her growing career and lets us into her magical world of music. 




When did you decide you wanted to pursue music as a career?

VICTORIA: I've always loved singing. I remember sitting at a table with my mom right after Kelly Clarkson won the first season of American Idol and telling her, "I want to be on American Idol!" It took until about a year ago, when I was at some friends' show in Orlando, for me to realize that I didn't need AI to start pursuing my dreams! There was something about seeing my friends having a blast on stage that made it click.


What style of music are you naturally drawn to?

VICTORIA: I'm definitely a pop music lover, but I also listen to a lot of country music! 


Growing up in Miami, how has that influenced your music?

VICTORIA: Miami didn't influence my music directly, but it definitely influenced my development. I was about an hour away from my friends at Afflux Studios, which is where I was able to start testing the waters with covers. They gave me that first avenue to begin pursuing my dreams!


You’ve just released a music video cover of Sia’s “The Greatest”, how has playing covers help enhance your musical skills?

VICTORIA: Covers are pure fun for me. All the songs I cover are songs that I wish I had written, so I try to learn little techniques here and there from the songwriters and artists while I'm in the studio. (And I think we can all agree that Sia is a genius, which is why I've now covered two of her songs!)


What inspired you to start writing your own music?

VICTORIA: I have always admired artists and creators because they're able to introduce a piece of themselves into the world with every work of art they produce — and that vulnerability is such a sign of strength. When I started this whole journey, I knew that I wanted to be authentic to myself, and writing my own songs was the only way to do that.


How do you turn a little idea for a melody or a lyric into a complete song?

VICTORIA: The process for each song has been so different. My first single, "Don't Regret It," was a mixture of a melody idea that my co-writer and producer, Adam Neilson, had and a concept that I had. For my new single, "Lights Off," I wrote the lyrics and melody for the chorus a cappella (they just felt natural to me), and then took that to my close friend, Chris Bourne, so that he could help me finish up the lyrics and remaining melodies. I'm lucky to have lots of talented people surrounding me who I can bounce ideas off of and learn from!


You’re scheduled to release your debut EP this March, how was that whole process?

VICTORIA: It's a continuing process and it's an absolute blast! I've got a handful of songs that I'm still waiting to take into the studio, and I can't wait to hear the finished product. It feels so good to be working toward the release of my passion project!


What has been the biggest challenge in trying to stand out in the music industry?

VICTORIA: The industry is filled with insanely talented people who have been working at this for years. I just hope to continue to learn from them, while remaining true to myself, so that I can stand out.


How would you describe your upcoming EP in a nutshell?

VICTORIA: Sassy, authentic, passionate. It's me. 


What are some of your aspirations and goals heading into the future?

VICTORIA: My immediate goal is to release a killer EP. I remind myself constantly to take one day at a time so that I have stamina for the future. The process is too much fun, especially as I work toward a full-length album. And I also want to make sure I stay happy!


Can you tell us any upcoming plans we can look out for?

VICTORIA: My EP, definitely. I'm also working on getting some shows lined up, so stay tuned via my social media (@iamvictorialane on Instagram and Twitter!) so that you can come sing your heart out with me!