Jason Davis has the much-envied title of president of ONE ONE 7, a diverse entertainment company that “strives to stay on the cutting edge of the ever-evolving music business.” ONE ONE 7 represents producers and songwriters on familiar titles such as Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me,” Justin Bieber’s “Mark My Words,” and U2’s “Magnificent.” Being an extremely gifted songwriter with an ambitious mindset, Jason has earned his reputation with major successes as an entrepreneur over the course of two decades. On the side, Jason also published an award winning memoir titled “Your Love Pursues.”  His work is nothing shy of impressive and has not gone unnoticed by critics and the general public at large, having clearly poured his heart and soul into everything he creates.


As a young writer, may I begin by saying congratulations on the success of your projects and what an exciting job to work with the biggest musical talent of our generation! Did you ever think growing up that this might be your career?

JASON: Thank you so much. I never thought this would be my career, but this was what I dreamed of since I could walk. Growing up I always had a tremendous passion for music, I feel like it’s something God gave me and I didn’t have a choice. As a kid I dreamed about being on the biggest stage of the music industry.


It says on your profile that your company ONE ONE 7, has been running since 1999. How have you seen the company grow over time? What have been some of the significant milestones?

JASON: There has been a lot of growth over the past two decades. I would say what I'm most proud of is our ability to consistently spot and develop talent at a high level.


What main qualities and characteristics do you take note of when looking to discover new artists?  

JASON: For an artist the number one thing I look for and the number one key to them having success is how good of a listener they are. Listening skills is definitely at the very top of my list, but I also want someone that has a true passion for what they are doing and has the right heart and intentions for the art that they want to create.


What are some distinctive differences that separate ONE ONE 7 from other music firms on the musical landscape today?

JASON: We’re definitely very focused on developing artists, we put a tremendous amount of time and care into all the products we work on. As a company we have a very strong passion to make music in excellence and not settle.


Are there any stories or incidents of how music has shaped you into the person you are today?

JASON: At one point as a teenager I was suicidal because of things that went on in my family. God used music to give me enough joy to get through those rough times as a kid which has lead me to be extremely passionate today about the quality of what is produced around me and how that can affect lives when nailed.