Beach Weather’s sophomore EP titled “CHIT CHAT” is nothing shy of impressive. This EP is a collection of six creatively eclectic songs, different from each other but all staying true to a unified, vibrant sound. Said differently – it never gets boring.  


The EP kicks off with the spirited track “CHIT CHAT.” It begins with guitar strums resembling Mac Demarco that fade out and come back within the verse. It sustains a high-energy rhythm throughout the entire song. This describes the flirtatious side of someone that is all too enticing.  However, it plays with the idea of a careless and empty relationship to follow. The percussive line that dances with the rasp in Nick’s voice is practically a living, breathing, singing invitation for a good time.


“I thought I told you I really need your sugar.

A rollercoaster I’m going supernova.

 This chit chat is holding me back from you.”


The second track is called “HOME MOVIES” and uses sentimental memories of a past relationship to appreciate the simple things in life. It opens with high register, atmospheric electric guitar before it picks up with the pulsating bass in the pre-chorus. The chorus is full of percussive vocals - almost as if he were riffing. My favourite part of this song is the bridge that slowly builds up to the anticipated chorus. This dulcet tune embodies the raw reality of getting over someone.


“But now I’m up all night

watching home movies

like you’re lying there with me

but you’re killing the memories.”


The third song titled “SOMEONE’S DISASTER” is one that naturally plays in your head all day without getting old. The electric guitar mimics the vocal line. The strains in Nick Santino’s (lead vocalist) voice stylistically resembles Raine Maida from ‘Our Lady Peace.’ The chorus describes two imperfect people searching for something perfect - each other. This song is a personal favourite and would highly recommend you give this sound a listen.


“You've been looking for a wreck like me

a perfect catastrophic harmony”


“GODDESS” is an attractive pop track that is boarder line romantic. An 80s synth dynamic is the rhythmic foundation for this song. Saxophone is arguably the epitome of forgotten instruments in pop music today, so hats off to the band for the incorporation of the sax solo in this song (AND it sounds great)! Lyrically, it is simple and sophisticated describing just how much he needs this so called “love.”


“Don't stop, honey, don't preach

give you everything,

'cause baby you're a goddess.

I don't know what I couldn't see in you, in you”


Listener’s attention is immediately captured in the song “TREMORS” with the percussively catchy intro.  Santino has a great voice, but this song doesn’t showcase it.   Fortunately, that’s not a bad thing, because the actual song is so catchy, it doesn’t need a melody that reaches the atmosphere. The turn-around and outro where he sings the word “Tremors” repeatedly becomes a hook that plays in your head long after the song wraps up.


“Cause I wont just start it

I need your frequency

And you need somebody, body, body”


The suggestively titled “SEX, DRUGS, ETC.” lures listeners to embrace minimal morals. It has an Arctic Monkeys-esque sound with the over-driven background vocals. They jump the octave in the bridge to complete my favourite part of the mix. The slow groove partnered with the bass is dominant relative to the majority of songs on this EP.


“Half love half regret,

Dressing up for polorioids and cigarettes.

Socialize, romanticize that life”


Beach Weather’s EP strikes up a lot of chit chat (pardon the pun) and of the best kind for those who appreciate alternative music done at best. Nick Santino absolutely kills these pieces with emotion and musical variety, feeling it all. My only issue with this EP is I wish it came out sooner! The boy’s idiosyncratic sound could so easily be released in the heat of summer. You heard it here first - Beach Weather is making it big.