Anthem-rock three piece VISTA are back at it again just months after releasing their debut EP, “VERSUS.” These New York natives are ready to take on 2017 with an explosive single titled “Henchmen.” In a recent interview with Legendary Kids Press, Greg Almeida (lead guitar) cites “the typical [bands] to like on Long Island”—such as Taking Back Sunday and Brand New—as major influences of his music style, which is evident in “Henchmen.” Matt Vlossak (drums) describes the new tune as something that “happened naturally and evolved into something bigger than [he] imagined.” Hope Vista (lead vocals) accurately labels the band’s sound as “huge upbeat anthems,” and “Henchmen” is no exception.

This powerful track begins with intriguing guitar sounds and aggressive drumming, reminiscent of All Time Low, and smoothly layers in Hope Vista’s empowering vocals. Vista’s gritty and sharp voice in “Henchmen” has greatly matured since we last heard her in 2016’s “VERSUS.” The harmonies in the chorus are arguably what stands out the most throughout the song, because they flow impeccably with Vista’s defined voice. The infectious guitar riffs by Almeida on this track are impossible to forget and they sound incredibly well put together. Vlossak’s drumming on this song is better than ever, as they really define the hardcore aspect of this band.

Mixing various elements of alternative and punk rock, VISTA has been compared to female-fronted, punk powerhouse Paramore more than a few times. Although the captivating Hope Vista does sound similar to Paramore’s Hayley Williams, it is apparent that VISTA, who are much newer to the music scene, offer a fresher vibe.

VISTA are confirmed to play a sold out show on the night of their single release with Against The Current on their In Our Bones world tour on Friday, January 13th at the Irving Plaza in New York, NY. Their new single “Henchmen” is set to be released at midnight on January 13th.