Jen Janet and her upcoming EP "Dangerous" just makes you want to dance! In the past she's toured with Hawthorne Heights and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus with her band Blind Revision. We sat down with her to hear more about her music and what the future holds!


How would you describe your upcoming EP "Dangerous"?

JEN: Dance, dance, dance! The vibe is definitely fun and upbeat. I wanted to fuse pop sounds with electronic dance music and I think that’s a pretty good description. So far in my music career, I’ve actually written a lot of very serious music. I am also in an alternative rock band with metal influences, and our songs sound quite different from this pop EP. I will always love doing that and writing those types of songs - but this was a chance to try something new.


Which track off of the EP is your favorite?

JEN: That’s a tough question. I think I’ve gone through phases where each one was my favorite. Right now, I’d have to say I love Dangerous. It’s just a very fun, upbeat song that sounds a bit more EDM than the rest of the EP. For a while though, In Bloom was my favorite, because it’s the most vulnerable song. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to include it and actually release it publicly, but I’m glad that I’ve decided to do so.


You've toured with multiple acts like Hawthorne Heights - could you describe the experience for us?

JEN: In 2015, I opened for Hawthorne Heights and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus with my band, Blind Revision. It was definitely my favorite musical memory to date. The crowd was the best part. When we went on stage, no one really knew who we were. I was half expecting us to get booed off the stage, or to have people ignore us, since they were waiting for the headlining acts to perform. But the crowd wasn’t just polite - they were super excited as soon as we started playing. It was just a great vibe all around, and we were welcomed by their fans. So that definitely felt good. It’s sometimes nerve-racking to open for a big headlining band because you never know if people will be excited for you, or if they will ignore you and just want to see the headlining band.


What are some of your future goals?

JEN: Someday I’d really like to help score movies or TV shows. I especially love sci-fi and horror movies, and sometimes there’s a lot of room for creativity for music in those genres. I think that would be really fun. I’m also obsessed with the Netflix show Stranger Things right now, and all the music in that show is very creative. It’s definitely given me some inspiration. I’d also like to tour somewhere outside of the U.S. because I love to travel.


If you could perform in any place in the world where would it be and why?

JEN: Great question! Speaking of touring, I’d love to perform pretty much anywhere. It’s not really a matter of which venue, but which country. I’d love to see Australia, or do a European tour. That probably won’t happen for a very long time, but that’s something that I’d love to do.


What got you into music?

JEN: I started singing in front of people when I was 4 years old. I think I first performed at my pre-school graduation. I know it sounds very cliche, but I’ve been singing as long as I can remember, and it just felt very natural to me. I started taking voice lessons and piano lessons when I was young, and it just continued from there. I was never a very spiritual person, and I think in a way, music takes me to that type of place in my mind. I’ve also used songwriting as an outlet for coping with negative things that have happened. I think it’s a very healthy way to let out your feelings. And the best part is, you can choose to make music with others or choose to do it privately. When I was younger I was not good at talking about my problems, so I wrote about them instead. I always felt better afterward.


If you could compare yourself to one other musician, who would it be?

JEN: I think my EP sounds similar to Marina and the Diamonds or Lady Gaga, but I would never want to compare myself to people who are so hugely successful! I think they are both very creative and they have influenced me when writing music in the pop or dance genre. That’s really all i can say. I am always inspired by music in any genre. If it makes me feel something, I will pay attention. But I don’t really want to compare myself to anyone just yet.