Ryan Young of Off With Their Heads is currently on a run for a handful of acoustic shows to support the band's acoustic album, Won't Be Missed, before heading out on a full band tour later this month. We had the chance to catch up with Ryan and talk about the album and upcoming tour! Make sure to check the band out on tour and see the tour dates below.


Your album Won’t Be Missed was recently released in October. How has it felt to receive feedback from it from your fans?

RYAN: "I don't really read anything about what I do or ask for feedback. Therefore, when I get it, it's unsolicited. I'm sure there is a lot of differing opinions about what we have going on. The truth of it is that I made this record to try something different and to get out of my comfort zone. Definitely accomplished the latter!"


What song on the album sticks out to you the most and why?

RYAN: "They are all just acoustic versions of older songs. It was cool to see them transform into bare bones. I would say Old Man was what really got me. It transfers styles really well. When I was doing the vocals for it, it reminded me that I still feel that way about its content. So that was all captured pretty well."


Why did you first want to do this handful of acoustic shows before the full band tour starts later this month?

RYAN: "Because when Tim Barry asks you to do a run of shows, you answer that call. Tim is one of the reasons that I got into music. He also happens to be an inspiration as why I stay in it. Watching him evolve into what he is now has been really cool. It's always great bumping into him from time to time, so four days of shows together might be the kickstart I need for a month of full band shows."


Do you personally prefer the intimate crowds of the acoustic shows or the more interactive crowds with full band shows?

RYAN: "They are both their own thing. I play the acoustic shows with one other band member. I like to include the guys in it as best we can. All of them have been with our guitarist John so far. He and I kind of turned the show into dark comedy / storytelling. Not sure if we will keep that up or not, but it has been fun doing that. Full band shows are a great energy release, and I need that."


What is your favorite part about touring?

RYAN: "I don't really like touring. I spent my entire adult life doing it. I like playing the shows and seeing my friends. The traveling gets to me though. I can only go to 'The World's Largest Truck Stop' so many times before it loses it's magic."


Is there a city you are most looking forward to performing in on this run?

RYAN: "Not particularly. I love every place we are headed with Tim. I work 14 hours a day running my own small business. So just walking away from that for a bit will make me stoked on any place!"




11/11 - Middle East Upstairs / Boston MA

11/12 - Rough Trade / Brooklyn NY



11/14 - Rebel Lounge / Phoenix AZ

11/15 - Soda Bar / San Diego CA

11/16 - Slidebar / Fullerton CA

11/17 - Recess Ops / San Pedro CA

11/18 - Thee Parkside / San Francisco CA

11/19 - Holy Diver / Sacramento CA

11/21 - Analog Theater / Portland OR

11/22 - El Corazon / Seattle WA

11/23 - The Cobalt / Vancouver BC

11/25 - The Buckingham / Edmonton AB

11/26 - Nite Owl / Calgary AB

11/28 - Park Theater / Winnipeg MB

11/29 - The Aquarium / Fargo ND

11/30 - 7th St. Entry / Minneapolis MN

12/1 - Subterranean / Chicago IL

12/2 - Neshaminy Creek Brewing / Croydon PA

12/3 - Knitting Factory / Brooklyn

12/5 - Hotel Vernon / Worcester MA

12/6 - Great Scott / Boston MA 

12/7 - The Low Beat / Albany NY 

12/8 - Brighton Bar / Long Branch NJ 

12/9 - Metro Gallery / Baltimore MD

12/10 - Howler’s / Pittsburgh PA

12/29 - High Dive / Denver CO