After dropping their self-titled EP in 2015, Motion Cntrl is back with their latest work titled Envision. On this EP, the mood is darker and better than ever. This duo is all about capturing the beauty of their surroundings, and using that energy to create some amazing music. Allyce and Luke are the geniuses behind the epic electronic sound that stems from Motion Cntrl. Unclear Magazine had the wonderful opportunity to get their perspective on beauty, fashion, and how Envision came to be.


Growing up, how did each of you fall in love with music?

LUKE: "Both parents were big fans of music. They had very different tastes but they’re preferences were reasonable. I’ve been hugely influenced by the music they introduced me to." 

ALLYCE: "Similarly, both my parents listened to a lot of music. Some of my first memories with music were when we moved across country for a time and my dad playing 80’s and classic rock on the road trip. I was fascinated."


How did you two come up with the name Motion Cntrl?

BOTH: "We actually didn’t have a name when we did our first photoshoot.  We shot by the train tracks downtown, and saw the words 'motion control' on the shocks of one of the trains.  It immediately stuck."


How do each of you identify with Motion Cntrl’s music?

LUKE: "It’s where I go musically to explore the more emotive and moody side of songwriting. Allyce has helped me find real beauty in the dark."

ALLYCE: "It’s a very cathartic experience creating the music. It’s an outlet where I’m able to authentically express myself."


What can fans expect from the new EP Envision?

BOTH: "It’s deeper and far more serious than our other releases.  It's a reaction to what we were experiencing in the studio, coupled with the strange nature of current times."


What inspired In the Dream?

BOTH: "The conviction that everything is really okay in the grand scheme of things."


How did the concept for the music video for In the Dream come about?

BOTH: "We wanted the music video to convey the same feelings and message as the song. Our mutual appreciation and relationship with nature inspired our thoughts about a time-lapse video. We discussed our ideas with our friend and filmmaker Brian Ford, and he was able to create a beautiful video for us using footage he captured during his travels."


Motion Cntrl appears to be all about pushing boundaries and eliminating binary stereotypes. How will Envision break through the barriers that are set within the music industry?

BOTH: "That’s a really tall order, but we actively try and push those boundaries with our lyrics, and not limit ourselves to any genre. At the core of Envision, we wrote about the human struggle and spirituality, beyond any labels. This new EP hopefully breaks through because different kinds of people can relate to it, and the music is enjoyable. We've had the benefit of working in an age where self distribution is a fact of life. We have a long way to go, but have enjoyed the success that we’ve had."


How has LA influenced your writing and creative process?

BOTH: "LA is a mysterious place where the deepest ideas and most superficial experiences collide. That relaxed tension plays out in our music."


How do each of you identify beauty in your music and in your lives outside of the studio?

BOTH: "Beauty for us is sentimentality; meditating on the way the connections you have with people who are dear to you infuse experiences with beauty."


The LGBTQ+ community seems to have been a big part of your lives. How has this community influenced your music?

BOTH: "The LGBTQ community is the engine of style and culture in our country, it’s impossible not to be influenced."


What does fashion mean to each of you?

BOTH: "Fashion is strutting in comfort."


How do you guys incorporate your fashion into your music style?

BOTH: "Sleek silhouettes in a noir-ish moody light. The music has inspired the look more than the other way around."


Outside of Motion Cntrl, how do each of you spend your days?

BOTH: "Hustling and relaxing."


What advice would Motion Cntrl give to fans in order to gain more confidence in seeing the beauty in their own identity?

BOTH: "Read as much history as possible. You'll see more often than not, it’s the outsider that makes the biggest mark."


What can fans expect from Motion Cntrl in the future? 

BOTH: "More music."