Meet Sara Phillips, a Canadian pop/soul artist who released her self-titled debut EP in December 2013. Through her YouTube covers and original music, she has gained a large audience and released her second EP, Sea Change, in June 2016. Phillips writes her own lyrics that come from her heart, and her most popular songs include Boy Who Let Me Down and House on Fire, all of which are featured on Spotify with thousands of listeners. Recently, she finished her College Tour, where she performed at numerous colleges throughout the United States. Sara Phillips’ music can be found on multiple platforms such as iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and her YouTube channel.


What inspired you to start writing music and how would you describe your music style?

SARA: "I've always loved writing since I can remember- poetry, stories, anything. I've also always been so completely obsessed and infatuated with music, I guess it was sort of just a natural progression into songwriting. I always have a hard time describing my music. I often call it pop-soul. I'm influenced by nearly every genre of music so I think my style definitely incorporates different aspects/characteristics of all of those genres."

What's your song writing process like? 

SARA: "I often write lyrics or poetry first. I'm constantly writing things down and putting ideas in my phone. I will also get an idea for a melody and sing it into my voice notes- just so I have everything saved. Sometimes those ideas don't turn into anything for a while- years even! I also write mostly at the piano. I'll take an idea or concept I have lyrically and try to work it out on top of some piano chords I think might suit it. That's how I write most of my songs."

What's one of your favorite songs you've written and why?

SARA: "One of my favorite songs I've written is Boy Who Let Me Down. I think the process of writing it for me was just so therapeutic- I just started writing it one day, bawled my eyes out and wrote the whole song start to finish in a few hours. The lyrics just mean a lot to me and it's a song where I truly feel like I was able to express exactly how I felt, I said everything I needed to. I think people really relate to that one because it came from such a real, honest place, and I think listeners hear that."

What do you hope listeners take from your music? 



SARA: "I'm so lucky. I get the most beautiful messages all the time from people who just say that they've felt the exact same way, or that my song helped them realize how they were feeling, or helped them get through a tough time. I live for those messages. Knowing that I made someone feel a little better, a little more understood, a little less alone... ANYTHING! That means the world to me. That's all I've ever wanted my music to do, because I know how much the music I listen to means to me. I hope to just continue doing that; making people feel."


If you could collaborate with any current artist, who would it be?

SARA: "This is so hard! I'd love to write and sing with Ed Sheeran. I'd also love to write with Sia, Imogen Heap and Taylor Swift- they're all such incredible songwriters."

How was your experience with performing at colleges during your College Tour?

SARA: "I absolutely love performing at colleges. The students are always so sweet and welcoming... I love meeting them all afterwards. I will definitely book another college tour soon!"

What would you like to say to everyone who supports you?

SARA: "Thank you! Truly. It's not an easy thing being so vulnerable in front of (mostly) strangers, but my fans make me feel so loved and just make everything feel worth it. Also- I cant wait to put out new music for you all... soon!"

What projects can your listeners look forward to?

SARA: "I just released a video for my song House on Fire, that I'm so excited about! Currently I'm working on songs for a new, original project that I hope to release soon! I am working with two incredible producers- Mike Daley & Mitchell Owens, who are just so talented and make everything sound amazing... I can't wait to share it with everyone!"


Favorite joke or pickup line:

'Is your name Daniel? Cause DAMN!' 🙈 😂



Top song on your playlist right now:

Liability- Lorde

Person you'd be starstruck to meet or have already met: 

I met Taylor Swift once when we were both at the MTV Awards. I got way too excited and before I could say anything, I grabbed her arm like a maniac (so NOT okay!!!) and just said 'I LOVE YOU.' She was so sweet. I'd like a do-over though. Sorry, Tay.