Bringing some edge back, Binx is releasing her music video to the song “Headlights.” With similar video presence as Melanie Martinez, Binx is bringing out something different within the music world and it is absolutely lovely. The music video really leaves the viewer questioning what’s going on, but when the physical connection between the lyrics and video come into contact, the confusion disappears. The overall piece brings a modern vibe to the table. The background music has a very 2017 fresh feel to it which will definitely interest the listener. The “Headlights” music video is popping with color to match the song’s need to impress in order to keep [him] in [Binx’s] headlights.


When did you decide that you felt called to make music?

BINX: "I never decided, I always knew. The first song I ever sang was 'Ruby Tuesday' by The Rolling Stones and ever since then I continued singing and performing. When I was 6 I watched Britney Spears’ music video 'Hit Me Baby One More Time,' I guess that’s when you could say I knew. I wanted the life she had and no one ever questioned which career path I’d end up taking."

How does it feel to have your own song, “Radiohead,” as #1 on a South Africa radio chart?

BINX: "It’s beyond exciting! When you think of how many talented musicians there are and where and when the song was created, it feels surreal. I wrote the song in my little pink bedroom back in South Africa when I was 16. Fast forward to me living in New York and releasing 'The African Bee' EP, and to see how well people responded to it still today, makes me very happy."

You’ve had the chance to work with Kinetics (known for creating the song “Airplanes” by B.O.B. ft. Hayley Williams). How was that experience?

BINX: "Yes. It was a very new experience for me, I hadn’t really co-written with anyone besides friends and I usually prefer writing alone, but since that experience I am lot more open to learning about different ways to write a song and I am more welcoming of others ideas because we worked very well together and ended up with the best track on my EP 'The African Bee' which is, 'Headlights.'"

What inspired you to create your song, “Headlights,” along with the music video?

BINX: "'Headlights' is a song about my dad. My family and I lost him suddenly last year and he was and is my biggest supporter. The song is a metaphor and talks about whenever I start to feel derailed on my course or negative, I will keep my dad in my 'Headlights,' in my 'focus' as I continue through my life and my journey through my music career and know that he will always guide me in the right direction. The music video is based off a dream I had. I was going through a tough time last year and I was debating whether or not I wanted to continue a career in music because it reminded me too much of my dad and it was bringing me more pain than pleasure. I dreamt that I was on a beach riding a bicycle. I heard music and decided to follow it and as the music got louder, I came to this massive outdoor stadium and as I peered in to see who was performing I noticed, it was me. I took that as a sign as though my dad was telling me I was on the right path and should continue with pursuing my dreams of making music."

Do you have any projects coming up you would like to talk about?

BINX: "I just recorded my new single, 'Paradise' at the Spotify Studios in New York and I plan to release that in the summer!"