The band Bare Teeth are French punk-rockers whom released their newest EP entitled First The Town, Then The World on May 19th. They plan to conquer the world with this new EP. We sat down with Greg from the band for an interview to learn more about them, their EP, and their future plans.


Your brand new EP First the Town, Then the World, was released on May 19th. How would you describe the EP?

GREG: "We are pretty proud of this record and it took almost one year to have it finished. It sums up different influences we have in the band, from pop/punk to thrash/metal, including punk/rock of course!"


What is your favorite track off the EP?

GREG: "Speaking for myself, Parted Ways is very personal and I think it’s the fastest song of the record. It’s really hard to pick only one up, as we put a lot of energy on this record and we really tried to do our best on each song."


What was your inspiration behind this EP?

GREG: "As the title says, it’s about ambition but we also have to be very humble, as we are an unknown band releasing its first record. From my personal experience, building up your band requires a lot of energy and dedication, but nothing is impossible."


What do you personally think makes your band stand out and be unique?

GREG: "Unlike many bands, we are not after labels to put on our music. We even rather use none of them, even if we sound like a punk/rock band. We are not ashamed to claim we love pop/punk bands like Blink 182, but also thrash and metal bands like Pantera or Municipal Waste. It’s not like claiming we are Lagwagon fans and trying to write songs and sound like them… but if you think our songs kinda sound like A Wilhelm Scream or Propagandhi, we will take this like a very good compliment, haha!"


If you could collaborate with any other artist who would it be and why?

GREG: "We already had the opportunity to have Steve Rawles of Belvedere as a guest vocalist and Trevor Reilly of A Wilhelm Scream mixed our record, and we are very honored of this. However, musically speaking, I wish we could make music with artists who are not in the same kind of music than us… I don’t know, maybe writing a record with hip hop artists with a very punk energy. Yeah, that would be awesome!!!"


What are your future goals?

GREG: "We still have a world to conquer, I guess ! More seriously, we have some shows scheduled in France and Belgium, including Funtime Festival with bands like Adhesive, Venera or FOD. In November, we have to tour in Italy for four shows and we’re still looking for shows and tours for late 2017/early 2018. We also have two music videos in the making and some songs we have to work on for the next record. I hope we can soon play them on stage."