If you are in the alternative rock scene and are looking for a new band to appreciate, look no further! Introducing the lovely Blind Revision, this band with an incredibly unique sound just released a new EP called Of White and Grey. Learn all you need to know about your new favorite band below!


In your own words, how would you describe the band’s music?

BLIND REVISION: "The band sounds like a cross between Evanescence and Coheed and Cambria. We have melodic female vocals and some metal/progressive rock instrumentals."


Who are some of your musical influences?

BLIND REVISION: "Our songwriting style is definitely influenced by Coheed and Cambria. We try to write catchy choruses that will get stuck in your head, but also have some progressive rock verses that keep people interested. I realize a lot of musicians say this, but I honestly think we have a unique sound that you don’t find in rock too often anymore. The vibe and mood of many of our songs is also somewhat dark and mysterious."


Back in May you released your EP Of White and Grey – what was the creative process like?

BLIND REVISION: "We started writing that EP the summer before it was released. We took a month off from playing shows to write it. Basically, we just all got together, had a lot of fun and took it song by song. First, most of the instrumentals were finalized. One of the guitarists would usually bring an idea to the band and then we would all build off of it. Then Jen our vocalist put all the lyrics together. We decided early on that we wanted to do a concept EP, so we made sure that all the lyrics fit in together. Therefore, we wanted all the music finished before we even started writing lyrics. Each song represents a different lobe of the brain, as well as a different internal 'demon' that haunts people."


What song on the EP are you most proud of and why?

BLIND REVISION: "That’s such a tough question. We are obviously proud of the whole EP but I think Frontal: Seeker has some very difficult drum parts, so our drummer is quite proud of that one. It’s also very fast and energetic, so when we initially wrote it, we actually got very tired at first. It was pretty sad. That song taught us physical stamina!"


What is your favorite part about performing live?

BLIND REVISION: "My favorite part is the energy. I love when we have a really enthusiastic crowd, and we can build off of their energy and they build off of us. That’s the best. It’s like you’re both complimenting each other and building each other up. We try to put on a very energetic show and move around a lot, so it’s great when the crowd does too. And of course, it’s wonderful when they sing our lyrics back to us :) It’s just a wonderful feeling of, people are listening to what we have to say. People actually took the time to memorize what we sing about and what we care about. That’s incredible."


Do you have any goals that you want to complete as a band?

BLIND REVISION: "We are planning another tour, so that is in the works. We’d really like to tour with more amazing bands and meet awesome people. We use Facebook and Instagram a lot, so if you have them, follow us @blindrevision and tell us where you want us to tour! We always want to know what people think. It actually helps us a lot when we plan tours."


Is there anything we can expect from you guys in the future?

BLIND REVISION: "We are planning a new song to go with a music video. Currently we don’t have specific plans on when we will be shooting, but it’s definitely in the works. We also recently did a fun photoshoot and it will be published in an alternative magazine soon - be on the lookout for that!"