From writing songs as a way of therapy to making her first album at the young age of seventeen, this next artist is one to look out for. Katie Costello creates "rebel-pop anthems" for everyone and anyone who needs it. In our exclusive interview you can learn how she created her latest EP, New World, and more! Be sure to keep up to date with Katie Costello on her social medias and check out her music wherever you can listen!


How did you first get your start in music?

KATIE: "I starting writing songs when I was 12. At the time my favorite records were all the 90s pop hits you can imagine, the Disney Princess compilation album, and Green Day’s Kerpunk! I was inspired to write songs as a kind of therapy and to understand myself in the world… I would write melodies and lyrics. I wanted to be able to play the songs I was writing by myself, as well as to be able to perform with a band... So, I started playing piano at 13 and guitar sometime later at around 15 or 16. I also studied music theory in high school… From there I wrote enough songs to make my first album and released it at 17. I moved to New York City when I was 18 to continue my songwriting, performing and making records… Thankfully I’ve been able to continue this journey since."


How would you describe your music in three words?

KATIE: "Rebel Pop Anthems. I call my style of music 'Rebel Pop' because it’s music from the heart of an independent musician, songwriter and performer that is intended for everyone… I picked 'Anthems' as the third word because the three tracks on my New World EP, along with others on my coming Twice the Love LP, tend to be heart-lifting sing-a-longs that help people feel hopeful, alive and happy."


You recently released your EP New World – what was the process like creating it?

KATIE: "My latest EP New World is unlike anything I’ve ever released before in that each song is written with and produced by a different songwriter/producer in a different city. The first track New World was composed and recorded in Brooklyn, New York. The second track A Beautiful Mystery was composed and recorded in Los Angeles, California. The third track Hearts on Fire was composed and recorded in Berlin, Germany… The range of cities, people and experiences I had in making this EP has brought about three very different songs linked with a similar message to stay bright and follow your heart."


What song on the EP came easiest to you when writing?

KATIE:Hearts on Fire… That track poured out fast. I remember the producer I wrote the song with imploring me to sit at the piano and relax. I finally did and the song practically fell out in one piece. From there, we improved and reworked some parts to make it what it is now."


What song came hardest?

KATIE: “New World… Writing about the state of the world can often make people sad… Including even me sometimes. Despite that, I chose to stay positive… It was a challenge to find the right words that are both truthful and hopeful. How can we capture a message of hope while not acting like everything is perfect?"


If you could collaborate with anybody, who would it be and why?

KATIE: "I would like to collaborate with Mick Jagger. He has remained fresh and inspiring for decades… I admire the way he stays true to himself while always transforming and evolving… A true artist in my eyes."


Is there anything else we can expect from you in the near future?

KATIE: "My third full-length album Twice the Love will be released October 6th this year! You’ll hear more 'Rebel Pop Anthems' and a new side of me… I’m very excited to share it with everyone!"