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Alexander Wren’s new EP Assorted Love Songs is a collection of just that — four beautifully performed songs about love and its eventual side effects.

“Thought I’d Hit The Lotto” opens the release, heavy with lyrics of great expectation. Simple in melody, Wren lists off the things unexpected in his life. Winning the lotto, singing with Elvis, you know. The day to day stuff. In this first verse, the expected overall mood of the tune is disappointment. But as the song progresses, Wren makes a new center-point, instead shifting the song to one of love and the awe that comes with it. As this mood changes, so do the instruments, building energy and yet maintaining a nostalgic sound. 

In a twist, “Don’t You Go Fallin’” is almost sadistic in its lyrics of temptation and warning. In any intense relationship, there’s a sense of crime in not being able to fall out of love with one another, even when it’s not right. This song displays that feeling perfectly. It’s not an experience one can put into exact words, but this tune nails it.

“Emily” is a love song about longing and wishing for someone unreachable. There’s a certain rawness in needing someone you can’t have, and the buildup in this song displays that frustration. It’s a simple thing to sing about love, but it’s hard to get at the fact that we can’t control who we fall for. Wren’s lyricism in this song is perfectly put and leaves listeners feeling nostalgic of their own loves.

Previously reviewed on this magazine, “Strangers Again” holds an almost cinematic ending in this grouping of songs. Ironically, the song is about just that — endings, and how they don’t look the same for the people involved. 

With perspectives from various situations involving love, the entirety of Assorted Love Songs is perfect for anyone who’s ever loved something or someone. Gorgeous guitars and piano are sprinkled into the songs, making for a delicate sounding yet powerful EP.