KOPPS just wants to have fun! They’re a quartet that never takes themselves too seriously, which is evident in their music. They turn pop music into something new and different that’ll make you want to dance and laugh. They’ve created a blend of pop, electro, and nu metal that has a dash of dramatics and humor into something they call “crazy sexy creepy.” We sat down for a chat with KOPPS to talk more about their music and what they’ve created.  

How did you guys first come together to start the band?

“Originally, we wanted to experiment with making music that sounded like 90s vocal house…la bouche, etc. (this was back when that was definitely not trending) We knew we wanted it to be high energy and knew we wanted the live aspect to be entertaining. At first it was just Kyle & Patricia writing songs, but there was a quick realization that we were going to need more members once we started playing live…and that’s where Trav and Gesture came in and our sound and performance style was truly solidified.”


How would you describe your music in three words?

“$Crazy Sexi Creepy$”


You recently released the music video for your song “Baby, I’m Dead Inside”. Can you tell us a little about the song itself and the process creating it?

“‘Baby I’m Dead Inside’ is a song about feeling disconnected from love. It's kind of a look inward saying to yourself, ‘This toxic/unhappy relationship has made me numb, and maybe even a little fucked up...BUT OH WELL TIME TO EMBRACE IT!’"


How did you ensure that the video would portray the song to its fullest?

“The VIDEO and the idea of ‘Goth Dad’ was something we cooked up long before the song existed...but we had to wait for the perfect time to utilize it. When the song was born, we knew it was a perfect match due to the typical goth stereotype of being melodramatic & angsty...which the song is as well ;-)”


Over the summer you collaborated with Joywave on your song “Hott”. What was that experience like?

“Our collective group CULTCO is a longtime collaboration between band members of KOPPS + Joywave. We all grew up in the same city and have been working together for years on music related ‘stuff.’ Daniel was the first person to record our first couple of songs and we have worked with him in one capacity or another since, so ‘HOTT’ was no exception...just another official collab with both of our names on it. In short, he is OK.”


Is there anything else we can expect from you guys in the near future?

“2019 will bring U *NEW MUSIC*, visuals, and live performances!”