Since Cole Redding’s Smile and Say Hello released in 2017, the Philadelphia-based singer has come out with a brand-new tune, that is filled with plenty of emotional and meaningful messages, called Father Father. In this extremely personal song, Cole opens up about issues he has had with his father. Fans of this artist love him for his honest and passionate songwriting skills that reflect on all aspects of his life.

Father Father starts off soft, with Cole’s smooth vocals inviting the listener to experience the deep secrets within the relationship he has with his father. His tranquil voice leads us into a seamless beat of drums that enter into the song. For a piece of music about a son and father having a rocky relationship, Cole demonstrates great poise within the tone of his voice. There are many somber lyrics within the song, such as the singer discussing his dad’s “new life” without him.

There are multiple layers of sound within this mesmerizing symphony of string instruments, drums, shakers, guitars, and more. Cole’s vocals soar from the pre-chorus to the first chorus. The main message at the center of the song is to be there for each other, regardless of relations. The chorus also holds powerful background vocals, making the message root even deeper into the heart of the listener.

This piece of music is not about giving up or seeking revenge on a loved one who has hurt you. It is about using the time we have now to mend the wounds that we have received or made. In the second verse of the song, Cole is asking his father if he feels the same pain that he feels about family lost. Cole reaching out to relate with his father makes the second chorus even more heartbreaking. The bridge escalates the momentum of the song, asking his father to reach out and come back into his life.

The final chorus is epic and soulful, filled with a multitude of sentimentally charged vocals that create a greater impact on the listener’s emotions. The excellence found within Father Father is expected of an artist as creatively talented as Cole Redding. He uses music to express his life story in the rawest form possible. Cole pours his memories, good and bad, into his work, and it pays off. Because of Cole’s ability to be so vulnerable, he is able to deliver authentic and beautiful music.