Currently on her first tour in the US in five years, Lisa LeBlanc is an artist to look out for! We sat down with Lisa to talk about her return to the states, her upcoming show at SXSW, and her upcoming tour in Europe. Read below to learn more about Lisa, and make sure to catch her show at Bourbon and Branch in Philadelphia tomorrow night! Tickets available here.

When was the moment that you first realized that you wanted to be a musician?

"As soon as I hit a stage for the very first time. I was 12, it was at the local Wednesday night free shows they had in the summer in my hometown. The school janitor was the one playing guitar with me, he then proposed to give me some guitar lessons. And that’s how it all started."


For those who have not heard your music yet, what would you tell them about it?

"I self proclaimed my music Trash Folk. I come from a rock ’n roll background and love the energy of it but I also grew with a lot of country, traditional Acadian music and bluegrass. So it’s a mix of all of that."


Where do you find most inspiration when creating music?

"Day to day life and lots of conversations I’ve had with people over the years. I love traveling and listening to peoples stories."


This is your first time being back in the states in five years – are more so excited or nervous for these shows?

"A bit of both actually! Mostly excited since I’ve visited some of these places as a tourist but never actually played. I love the US and some of my best travel memories are from 2 of my 2 month long road trips I’ve done from the East Coast of Canada to Louisiana and Texas."


You’re also playing SXSW on this run. What are you most looking forward to from that?

"SXSW is pure chaos and I think that’s what’s so cool about it. I look forward to catching some shows over there and hopefully discover some new bands!"


Bob Boilen named you as his favorite act at AmericanaFest last year – what was that like for you? What was your reaction when you found out? 

"I was so pumped and honoured! How could you not!?!?"


In May you will be heading out on tour in Europe – are there any places you are most looking forward to performing in?

"I’ve actually never been to the UK so definitely looking forward to that! We did our first tour in Germany last year opening for The Strumbellas and I fell in love with that country so I’m excited to go back!"


Is there anything else we can expect from you in the near future? Any new music?

"We’re gonna tour for the rest of the year in Canada, Europe and the US. I also have Australia on my bucket list! I’ll probably taking a bit of a break in 2019 to write another record."