If you love Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco, you're going to love The Faim! This upcoming spring the band will make their debut in the UK by going on tour with Lower Than Atlantis and afterwards they'll tour across Australia and New Zealand with Sleeping With Sirens. The Australian four-piece band recently released their debut single entitled "Saints Of The Sinners", which was named as BBC Radio 1 Rock Show’s “Rockest Record.” The single was produced by music icon John Feldmann and co-written by Pete Wentz. In an interview with the band, we got to know more about them, their music, and what's next.


What would you tell those who have not heard of you yet as a bit of an introduction to you guys and your music?

"What you see is what you get. No cheap games, no gimmicks. We just love music and the connection it creates. Our music reflects our journey in life as a band and all the deepest fears, secrets, hopes and dreams that we have. These songs are the rawest parts of ourselves, all for the world to see."


You recently released your debut single “Saints Of The Sinners” – what made you decide to release this song as your first piece of music?

"It was in debate for a while on what would be the best song to release. We wanted a song that reflected our energy and passion in the live performance. It’s a great reflection of our journey and it felt like theright time to put this message from The Faim out into the world."


What was it like working with John Feldmann and Pete Wentz on the track?

"It was an incredible experience. Being able to sit down and just talk about the core of what we wanted to write about really helped find a message we feel so strongly about. John and Pete are such talented, down to earth musicians with a wealth of experience. Their understanding of what makes great music is undeniable."


You also released a music video for the song – how did you make sure the video really brought the song to life?

"We kept it true to ourselves. No crazy effects and costumes, just a good reflection of our personality and energy as a band. Performing the song was critical because we felt that the best way to reflect our relationship with this song was in our live performance."


This spring you will be playing your debut shows in the UK with Lower Than Atlantis – are you nervous at all?

"Definitely don’t feel nervous about performing. Maybe a little about the flying but we’re more excited than we ever thought we would be. Times going slow counting down the minutes till we get to start playing. We’ve been wanting to tour for a very long time and to finally have the opportunity is so exciting."


What are you most looking forward to from these shows, as well as the ones in Australia and New Zealand with Sleeping With Sirens?

"Getting to meet new people and perform in new places. It’s so exciting for us to really push ourselves as a live band and show the world our passion and connection to these songs. We’re all pretty new to travelling and being able to see parts of the world touring is truly incredible."


What can we expect from your other upcoming music sound wise?

"On top of crazy passion, intensity and love, an element we’ve always kept in mind with our music is diversity. It reflects our personalities, journey so far as band, different chapters of our lives and diversity really helps us showcase this. Having the opportunity to experiment with songwriting and not feel any restrictions sonically or conceptually is a huge part of our writing process."


Is there anything else we can expect from you guys in the near future?

"You can expect to see more sides of The Faim. More songs, more shows, and a few hidden projects in the works."