Scene queens and kings, rejoice!  The legendary Brokencyde is making a comeback in 2018.  Brokencyde is a crunkcore group from Albuquerque, New Mexico comprised of David "Seven" Gallegos and Michael "Mikl" Shea.  Brokencyde is most popular for its screamo dance hits such as “Freaxxx” and “Teach Me How to Scream,” as well as its unapologetically “DGAF” attitude.  Raccoon eyeliner, helmet hair, and high top Converse may have died with the “scene” scene, but Brokencyde has not.  In fact, the boys are back and better than ever.         


Your most recent album, All Grown Up, was released four years after Guilty Pleasurez.  What was the writing/producing process like for AGU?

Shea & Seven: "All Grown Up was our first independent album since we started Brokencyde back in ‘05.  [Before writing it,] we were fresh out of our record deal with Suburban Noize, and we [knew we] wanted to take [our next record] back to our roots, to when BC13 was just a duo.  We recorded the album where we felt most comfortable, in Sev’s home studio, and we used beats produced by [artists] Tristan and Mike Cee to give the old school crunkcore sound."


What is the purpose of the title All Grown Up?  How does this record compare to your other records?

Shea & Seven: "The album was titled 'All Grown Up' [because] we’ve grown up and have mastered our sound, and we’ve evolved into a more mature lifestyle.  We’re still all about having fun and being yourself, [but now] in the most upscale way."


Brokencyde has been accredited with pioneering the “crunkcore” genre.  What exactly is crunkcore?  How do you think Brokencyde has influenced the genre and other artists that have followed its lead?

Shea & Seven: "Crunkcore is a lifestyle.  It’s all about being yourself and being happy, with a little bit of [partying].  The sound is a mashup of hip-hop and screamo.  We pioneered a sound 10 years ahead of its time.  You could turn on the radio today and it’s all you’ll hear, the only difference is [that it’s] now more acceptable."


You released your debut mixtape, The Broken!, ten years ago.  How has Brokencyde changed since then?

Shea & Seven: "Brokencyde started off a duo, and the only difference now is that we’re all grown up!  [We’re] still the same old Brokencyde piercing through the youth’s eardrums like nails on a chalkboard."


Every musician/artist receives criticism.  How do you deal with mean comments?

Shea & Seven: "We smoke a blunt and laugh about it.  We’ve grown tough skin over the years and couldn’t care less about what anybody has to say.  We do this for our fans and for the love of the art.  Being the first to do something different is never easy."


If you could describe your music in three words, what would they be?

Shea & Seven: "Baby. Making. Music."


You both have been hinting at new music on your Instagrams for the past few months.  What can you tell us about upcoming album?

Shea & Seven: "We have a lot of surprises in store, including lots of new music and videos.  This new music is on a whole other level, and we’re excited to release it into the wild."




Will you be touring anytime soon?  What is a Brokencyde show like?

Shea & Seven: "We will definitely be hitting the road in 2k18 so be ready to party!  A Brokencyde show is unlike any other show you will go to; [there’s] lots of screaming, lots of moshing, and most importantly, [it is] a place to be yourself."


What’s in store for Brokencyde in 2018?

Shea & Seven: "Brokencyde IS 2018!!"