At just 10 years old Mauro composed his first album which led him to headlining concerts and touring the world. Mauro's impressive list of accomplishments continues to grow as he continues to be recognized as one of the young rising stars in international music. His latest song “Dubstep Heart” spent its first week hit #1 on the Pop Chart of Beat100 with 80,000+ plays as well as being named one of NY Music Hits (NYC) Best Pop Hits of 2017Mauro is currently working on a new album and over at Unclear Mag we got more information on it as well as learned more about Mauro's music influences and his creative process to writing music plus much more!


When did you first become interested in music and decide you wanted to be a musician?

"I’ve been working and permanently creating in the arts since I was four, through painting, acting, writing and more and I’ve always loved music. I think it was a matter of time that these previous fields combined to give birth to my music career. When I was 10 years old I grabbed a guitar, wrote my first album and started performing. Being an artist, among many other things, means to me the creation of something which expresses the human condition. Writing and singing my own compositions would be one of the reasons why I became a musician definitely."


Who are some of your musical influences?

"The art of creating music is my major influence actually, because in all of these years I’ve been autonomous in the production and development of my craft."


How would you describe your music in three words?

"Chameleon, fire, ocean.

…A chameleon (the versatility in my music) on fire (it reflects my passion) sailing through the ocean (experiences that I convey through messages)."


We heard that you’re working on your upcoming album – is there anything you can tell us about it yet?

"I write every single day, but in the past couple months I finished 200 new songs that I fell in love with. They would be like 12 new albums but despite how much I would love to record them all, there’s an evident selection process taking place. On one hand, the compilation develops a palpable battle between reality and fantasy and an insatiable thirst for meaning, but that’s just the cream of the cake… the cherry is another story."


Where do you find most inspiration when creating music?

"Anywhere. Inspiration simply strikes. On a plane, walking through the city and in the depths of my shadows. I’ve written songs in almost every place I’ve been. In fact, yesterday while I was on my way to the airport I started singing the lyrics of a new song, so I grabbed my cell phone and captured it, and that happens all the time. When I was a kid I would dream of sounds and lyrics… now it lives inside me."


Do you find that you have the same process when creating music or does it change often?

"Throughout these sixteen years, there’s one accentuated trait in my process, its naturalness. I find myself time after time singing the songs as if the songs had already been composed, and I just love that. It feels genuine. As a whole, the process does vary according to the circumstance. It shifts continuously, yet its organic essence remains untouched."


Aside from your album, is there anything else we can expect from you in the future?

"A radical transformation with the new music. New shows and more are in the works. Stay tuned!"