Alternative indie rock/pop artist Vesperteen (Colin Rigsby), released his latest EP “The Hype Is Dead” on May 19th, 2018. Vesperteen has a lot of talented artists and producers backing this EP, further exemplifying his talent and passion for creating and performing music. Songs off the EP are co-produced by LostBoyCrow (Flor), John Feldmann (produced for Blink-182, All Time Low), and PJ Bianco (produced for Nick Jonas, A R I Z O N A). In addition to these influential producers, Vesperteen also worked with Josh Dun of Twenty One Pilots, as he plays the drums on the song “Speed of Light.”

Vesperteen also recently toured with Vinyl Theatre. His tour dates have gained him a mass of support from his fan base known as the “VesperTEAM”, which has helped his music hit the ground running. “The Hype Is Dead” is a unique and energetic EP that really presents Vesperteen’s talent and style.

Dabbling with a unique blend of electro-pop and rock, Vesperteen produces a sound that is amped-up and one-of-a-kind. The EP does not rely solely on its electronic features, as Rigsby’s vocals are strong and bold. Opening with a vivifying sound and energy, “The Hype Is Dead” is led to a serene close that wraps up the EP nicely. While it is difficult to pick any “favorite” songs off of this EP, I think the songs that stand out the most and attest the most to Vesperteen’s style are “Fifteen Minutes”, “It Will Never Be Enough”, and “Blue”. These songs sum up the beginning, middle, and end of the EP, so they exemplify the flow of feeling throughout.

Opening up the EP, “Fifteen Minutes” brings to life not only the theme of the album, but also the colorful and fun nature Vesperteen provides. With catchy piano riffs and electronic melodies, this song is sure to get stuck in your head. Rigsby’s vocals range from syncopated to melodic, and are accented with high-pitched catchy background vocals as well, which add a lot to the song. “Fifteen Minutes” has an impressive amount of depth— every listen, there is something new to hear. The lyrics also perfectly sum up the title and theme of the EP. Even the first line, “Close your eyes and bow your head/Welcome to the funeral, the hype is dead” provides an idea and mood for the EP. This was the perfect song to open “The Hype Is Dead”, as it hooks the listener with an upbeat catchy song, while also introducing its message.

“It Will Never Be Enough” feels slightly different than “Fifteen Minutes.” While it is still an energetic and upbeat song, it feels more like a typical indie style song than playing with a lot of different musical aspects, which is not a bad thing. I think starting with this song, the EP begins to wind down in terms of the bold and upbeat style heard in the first half. The details of this song that remind me of many indie songs are the the drum beats in the background, and the background vocals that lead into chorus. This song’s style reminds me a lot of bands like Walk The Moon. “It Will Never Be Enough” has many strong elements, such as its vocals, as we see a lot of strength in Rigsby’s voice. He has quite a range, proving his ability to hit both low and falsetto notes. This song is a good transition into the final half of the EP.

“The Hype Is Dead” closes with “Blue”, which is a beautifully written and produced song. It is calm and soothing to listen to, and features meaningful lyrics. With lines such as “When I see blue inside your eyes, I know a storm is coming/When I see fire in the skies, I know I lost your loving”, we see Vesperteen uses a lot of poetic imagery in his lyrics. I think the lyrics, along with the soft flow of the electronic background in the song, make it one of the most unique and interesting on the EP.  “Blue” does a great job of wrapping up this EP with a cool and calming sound.

Overall, Vesperteen’s latest EP “The Hype Is Dead” draws a conclusion that the hype surrounding his music is far from dead— it is just the beginning. Upon the release of this EP, I have no doubt that Vesperteen will continue to gain an even larger following, as this bright and remarkable release will help draw in an array of listeners, as he touches on a variety of musical sounds and styles.