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The band who has taken over the rock scene for over ten years, Mayday Parade, is back and even better with new album Sunnyland. Going on three years since the release of their last album, it was about time for their return in the music world.

This long wait was well worth it, let me tell you! The album starts out with Never Sure: a song with an extreme-yet-short musical introduction. Personally, I think what really makes this song great is the music and how well it fits their style as a band, but how well it also fits the vocals of the song. It is a perfect musically-upbeat song that starts the album out perfectly.

In true Mayday Parade fashion, the lyrics are subtle, but pack a true punch to any listener. In It’s Hard To Be Religious, listeners should truly look into the lyrics, as the conversational aspect of the song makes it unique on the album.

Look anywhere online and there will most likely be fans of multiple bands freaking out over changing sounds; so, nevertheless, this fear was definitely apparent from fans of Mayday.

But no worries! Though there are definitely a few sounds that I personally believe have a slightly different, or more unique, sound (like Always Leaving --which is a great song to listen to if its raining outside…), most stay true to typical Mayday Parade sound.

What makes this band so special is their already unique sound, and the new album Sunnyland just emphasizes that idea. Whether you weren’t a fan until this album or have since, my favorite, Anywhere but Here, I seriously recommend checking them out on Warped Tour this summer – it is just a few weeks (or even days, for some) away!

What do you think of the album? Let us know: we’d be thrilled to hear what other great reviews people have for Mayday Parade's new album, Sunnyland.