Singer-songwriter Christina Holmes is going on her first headlining tour this upcoming summer for her second album Stand UpChristina is an openly gay artist who wants to influence others to feel comfortable in their own skin. By Christina opening up and sharing her own experience about how she met her wife, she has drawn a connection with her fans which has lead her to share the stage with Trevor Hall, Medicine for the People, and Xavier Rudd. We sat down for an interview with Christina to learn more about going into music, her album, and how she wants to grow as an artist.


When was the moment that you realized you wanted to be a musician?

"I have been writing music and singing since I was about 8 years old but I wasn’t until I was about 13 when I realized I wanted to perform live. I went to see my first concert ever, Edwin McCain at BB Kings in NYC, and I just fell in love with live music. It was all I could think about and knew I was meant to be a musician.  Even though I knew it at 13, I didn’t perform live until I was 18. I spent my days singing in the shower and in my room until then.:


Last June you released your second studio album, “Stand Up”. What was the process like creating the record?

"It was so effortless. It was the most fun and most creative I had ever been in the studio. Working with Warren Huart and his team was amazing. I couldn’t have picked a better team to help me bring my visions to life. I played almost every instrument recorded (acoustic guitar, drums, piano, bass, percussion) and I feel it came out exactly how I wanted. The album is me and I can’t wait for you guys to hear more."

For those who haven’t heard your music yet, which song of yours would you want them to listen to first?

"I would say Stand Up. I feel like it is a super powerful song about humans coming together and standing up for what they believe in and I am all about bringing the people together."

Where do you find most inspiration when creating music?

"My life is my inspiration. The people I met and the places I go are where the stories in my songs come from."

As an openly gay artist, what do you hope others in the LGBTQ+ community take from your music?

"I hope that they find a sense of love, confidence, and hope. Love in the way of them finding out how to love themselves but also knowing that even when they hate themselves, I still love them. Confidence in in their appearance and in their true self. And hope that even when they feel at their worst, it will always get better."

For anyone in the LGBTQ+ community struggling currently, what would you tell them?

"I would tell them to love who you love and be who you are and the way they are feeling now, isn’t forever."


You will soon be heading out on your first headline tour. What are you most looking forward to?

"I am looking forward to it all. The music, the fans, the traveling, sharing stories, busking on the street after shows, finding great food, and meeting new people. I am also super excited to be hitting up some festivals that I’ve been itching to be apart of."


How do you hope to continue to evolve as an artist?

"I hope to be able to reach as many people as possible. To show them that life can be better than it is at its worst and you can be who you are or whoever you choose to be. My main goal has and always will be to help heal people with my music. I intend to do that for the rest of my life and will always be figuring out ways to help my message grow."