Nashville, Tennessee based musician Fleurie, is up and coming with new music that recently released. We sat down with Fleurie to get more information on her latest album entitled Portals. Songs off of Fleurie's previous album, Love and Warhave been featured on TV shows like Pretty Little Liars, Shadowhunters, Reign, The Originals, and 24. She was featured on Ruelle's song "Carry You" and was a featured singer on NF's "Mansion."


When was the moment that you knew you definitely wanted to be a musician?

FLEURIE: "Hmm...! I’ve always loved music. I think I started to see it as a potential career in college when I was writing a lot of music and finding my love for music was even bigger than genre or style! And that’s the time frame that I decided to move to Nashville after graduation."


For those who have not yet heard your music, how would you describe it to them?

FLEURIE: "Dreamy, ethereal, raw, cinematic, emotional."


You recently released your latest single “Chasing Stars.” Can you tell us a little about the song and the inspiration behind it?

FLEURIE: "Chasing Stars was the first “pop song” I ever tried writing. I wrote it a couple of years ago with two friends, Sam Tinnesz and Matt Bronleewe, and we just had fun dreaming up the “pop” version of Fleurie. The song is about forgetting everything that’s weighing on your mind and for just one night jumping in the car and taking off with your friends to the middle of nowhere, blasting your favorite music and getting a bit lost. The song just never left me, I had to include it on this record!"


How would you compare “Chasing Stars” to your previously released single “Constellate”? 

FLEURIE: "They’re both pretty fun mid/up-tempo songs that come across dreamy and magical. Constellate is about a Love that brought me back to life and Chasing Stars is more about friendship and perspective."


On August 17th you released your album Portals. What can we expect from the album?

FLEURIE: "Yessss! So excited. You can expect a lot of space references and metaphors, a lot of hopeful songs with twinges of melancholy and longing sprinkled throughout. You can expect honesty and poetic imagery and interstellar soundscapes."


Of the songs on the album, which one would you say came easiest to you when writing?

FLEURIE: "I wrote Nomad in just a few minutes, alone at home. It was hard to write emotionally but in a sense it was shooting through my mind and into the air so quickly."


Which song was the hardest?

FLEURIE: "A World Beyond was a stretching song to write. It took me outside of my comfort zone in a lot of ways!"


What do you hope people take from your music when listening?

FLEURIE: "I hope they look at life the way I do for a second, and challenge themselves to dream and believe and hope again. I hope they feel safe to feel difficult emotions but don’t get stuck there! I hope they are full of vision and creativity of their own and inspiration to write and live their own stories. :)"