Founded in Orlando, Florida, the band Felicity formed in 2014. They consist of vocalist Damien Fagiolino, guitarist Andrew Rapier, and bassist Michael Alosa, and in 2015, the group welcomed guitarist Cory Comly. In 2016 their album Brace Yourself! took the world by storm. In 2017 the band started to record highly anticipated EP Old Habits. Old Habits was officially released on February 15th of this year. Felicity has a big future ahead of them, and we sat down with them to get more information on their newest album Old Habits.

On February 15th you released your new EP Old Habits. Can you tell us a little about the process creating the EP?

“We recorded the EP at The Wade Studio here in Orlando, FL with Andrew Wade. This was our second time recording with Wade, so we were a little more comfortable and familiar with his process as he was with us, so he was able to get more from us than before when we recorded ‘Brace Yourself!’ During the pre-production phase before the studio, we’d spend countless hours almost every day just listening, re-writing, and re-structuring lyrics, melodies, harmonies, ideas, everything. We’d show our friends, family, coworkers, everyone we could the demos we were working on for feedback from all sorts of music fans so we could try to find new and innovative ways to push ourselves during the writing process. And we think the end result shows how much we believe in this record.”


Of the songs on the EP, which one would you say was the easiest to create?

“We’d have to say ‘Weekend Worrier.’ We wouldn’t say it was the ‘easiest,’ but probably the most “organic” to write. The message is something that most people can relate to, so a lot of the song, musically and lyrically, were kept the same to the demo, with added and refreshed parts.”

Which one would you say was the hardest?

“We were trying to write this one demo called ‘Patricia’ (we name our demos very weird things) and we easily spent a whole day trying to figure out how to lead parts together, get the melodies to match, and nothing was sticking. So, after a long day we decided to go ahead and scrap it. The next morning only a couple of us were at the studio until the start time and the idea of writing a whole new song from scratch came about when messing around with chord patterns being played at a fast tempo. After a couple days of work, we had the finished product of ‘Tough Luck.” Which now is most of our favorite song off the EP.”


Where do you find most inspiration when creating music?

“We get inspired by most things in life; going to live shows, feeling the energy of live performance, having new friendships or relationships form or end, loss of a loved one. We try to keep our messages relatable and something that most people can resonate and connect with.”


For those who have not listening to your music yet, which song of yours would you recommend they listen to first?

“You gotta’ start where ‘FELICITY’ really started to define ourselves. We’d suggest checking out the two singles from our second EP, alos recorded with Andrew Wade, ‘Hang On,’ and ‘Burn the World.’”


Is there anything else we can expect from you soon? Any upcoming tours?

“Definitely a tour! We have a US tour with Calling All Captains (Equal Vision Records) and Brigades this March. We are currently planning another tour for the summer; we have new music videos, new merch, and some other really exciting news that we can’t spill the beans on just yet! Soon, but not yet.”