Singer Chloe has been building her career for many years. Since 2010 she’s been a featured vocalist with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Chloe also has toured on Broadway in the musical Rocktopia. She’s even gotten to step onstage alongside the legendary Janis Joplin. On April 19th Chloe is releasing her long awaited and highly anticipated debut solo album titled The In-Between which features 15 tracks written by Chloe herself about her journey of self discovery.

How did you decide to pursue music?

CHLOE: “Luckily, music found me at a young age.  My mom likes to tell this story that it was basically decided I was to be a singer when I was in kindergarten.   As I was graduating about to head into elementary school, the teachers approached my mom and were explaining my growth and progress.  Basically, they said I knew all my fundamentals but they picked up on a gift I had.  They noticed I had next to perfect pitch and a tone more mature for my age.  My mom joked that she doesn’t think The Met (Metropolitan Opera) takes em’ at my age, but she’ll keep it mind. LOL.  From there, music was just it for me.  I started taking everything from voice to piano, which later landed my first record deal at age 12 with RCA Records and the journey has continued!”



Who are some of your musical influences?

CHLOE: “Too many honestly!  As a singer, I grew up being heavily influenced by Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Celine Dion.  The Holy Trinity for me. LOL.  Growing into my teenage years, I was more inspired by classic rockers like Anne Wilson and Robert Plant. As a songwriter, the list ranges from Carole King to Allison Mosshart from the Kills to Freddie Mercury to Sia to The Beatles to Diane Warren…on and on and on.  I’m all over the place.”



On April 19th you will be releasing your debut solo album, The In-Between. What was the journey like creating this album?

CHLOE: “The journey was a tough one indeed.  I began the process of writing this record after a terrible heartbreak that left me pretty empty in all ways one can imagine.  What I didn’t expect to happen through out was something bigger and much more meaningful for me.  I have always been in search for my voice as an artist and it took me going through some serious dark and confusing moments to find that.  The premise of the record is the idea that we don’t live, learn, grow or evolve when we are sublimely happy in a moment.  It’s during the tough days where we are forced to face ourselves and change.  This is exactly what I did.  Most days while making this record I didn’t want to get out of bed, but I had something to say and it was a form of therapy; a way to understand and grow from my feelings.”


Are you more so nervous or excited to release it to those waiting to hear?

CHLOE: “I’m beyond excited.  I couldn’t be more proud of this record and all who helped me make it.  It’s an honest record and I’m aware it might not be for all, but my hope is for it to speak to some.”



How would you describe the album in three words?

CHLOE: “Emotional, Reflective, and Honest.”



Of the songs on the album, which one would you say represents you best as an artist and why?

CHLOE: “They are all my ‘children,’ so it’s hard to pick… But I think Don’t Let Yourself Down truly encompasses all of what I strive to be.  The song is about weathering any storm by never losing faith in yourself, which is a message I believe in with all my heart.  I have experienced epic highs and tragic lows and with out sounding trite, it’s the faith in yourself that keeps you going.  The production and vocals of the song are also inspirational and heartfelt.”



You also recently released the video for your song “Renegade”. Can you tell us a little about the song and the video?



CHLOE: “Renegade was written in about 10 minutes while going through the back and forth of my relationship.  I originally wrote it as a ballad, but my producer (Travis Laws) heard it in a different way which completely brought the song to life.  The video by Digital Sparks Studios directed by Adam Sewell, was completely the brainchild of Adam.  We toyed around with a number of ideas that just weren’t quite right, and Adam came up with the brilliant idea of telling different scenarios of a failing relationship all in one take on one stage, which we used a parking garage to give it some grit.  One of my favorite videos of the whole project!”


Once the album is released, is there anything else we can expect from you? A tour maybe?

CHLOE: “A tour is definitely the plan. I can’t wait to sing this music live night after night.  Also, already working on the follow up record, so stay tuned!”