Madelin, Then Her Head Fell Off EP cover art.jpg

Are you looking for something a little like Björk but with a dash of Taylor Swift? If so, you should definitely check out Madelin, an avant-pop artist. Her lyrics give off an engaging aesthetic that centers around the concept of just being human and drive the listener to think deeply while also being able to bop to a cool dance song. Check out our interview below!

For those who have not yet heard your music, how would you describe it to them?

MADELIN: “I like to describe my music as half way between Björk and Taylor Swift. I’m a piano playing singer/songwriter at heart, so all my songs are very lyrically driven at their core. I like to combine that with the fun of a pop song, and wrap all of that up in eclectic found and electronic sounds to create something unique, danceable and deep at the same time.”

On May 3rd you released your new EP, Then Her Head Fell Off. What was the process like creating this project?

MADELIN: “The process of making this record was longer than I’d like to admit. Some of these songs have been in a holding pattern for years because they weren’t up to snuff according to my former management. I always loved them though, so i decided to release them now. Other songs on this project were written more recently. It’s a pretty accurate snapshot of the last five years of my life. The entire record was produced by my partner Matt Speno and my good friend Eric Gerhardt. (Their project “Betamax” is awesome you should check them out.) I love their gritty yet sleek approach to production. I think it gives my introspective songs an edge. I’m really grateful to have their hands in this album.”

The cover art for the EP is absolutely beautiful! Can you tell us how you decided to go with this aesthetic?

MADELIN: “The aesthetic for this era as a whole was inspired a lot by tarot cards. Particularly the traditional Rider Waite Deck. I love the duality all the cards embody, and the different archetypes they represent. We have so many identities as humans, and they all combine to form who we are. I wanted to interpret my favorite cards visually through my own lens. My album art is my version of the empress card. She has to do with abundance, fertility, and feminine strength.”

Of the songs on the EP, which one would you say came easiest to you when writing?

MADELIN: “I wrote Broken Star In my head while I was walking through the city. It really just came to me. I went home and wrote the base synth line and the rest is history.”

Which song was the hardest?

MADELIN: “Monarch was more of a process. I wrote it on piano but I knew I wanted it to have a danceable club vibe. I had to find the balance between those two aesthetics both sonically and lyrically. I wanted it to be cheeky but not cheesy; an unexpectedly fine line to tread. However I think I accomplished my goal.”

What inspires you when writing music?

MADELIN: “Being a human being, and the concept of consciousness in general. I like to zoom out to see the big picture but not forget the tiny details that make our lives meaningful.”

How would you describe your EP in three words?

MADELIN: “Growth/Death/Party.”

What do you hope people take from your music when listening?

MADELIN: “I just hope people enjoy it. Why enjoy it doesn’t really matter to me.”