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At the young age of 16, Sage Charmaine has already made a name for herself in the music industry. With popular singles such as, “June”, “Bitter Chocolate” ft. Cupcakke, and “Cherries”, Charmaine has just released her debut EP Don’t Leave Me. Featuring 7 new songs, (“Ashes”, “Look Up 2 Me” and “happy birthday” having been pre-released), this EP will be a game changer for Charmaine.

The first track on the EP, “Look Up 2 Me”, has a wonderful balance of both dark and ethereal vibes. Opening with a quiet, syncopated beat, listeners will immediately be drawn to Charmaine’s incredible vocals.  The chorus starts out light and airy, then shifts into a slightly more confident repetition of the phrase “look up to me.” With relatable lyrics and a mature tone, this song is a strong opener for the star’s debut EP. “don’t leave me”, a later track on the EP, holds a similar feel to this tune in both tone and expression.

This song flows into the second track on the EP, “Ashes”, a collaboration with Rocky Lynch of The Driver Era. This song is a sad, yet beautiful reflection on a relationship that isn’t working, but still is so hard to walk away from. Soft and slow vocals backed by incredible instrumentality pushes this song to its full potential. The listener can feel the emotion behind the lyrics, and anyone who has experienced a story similar to the one portrayed in this song will surely be impacted.

Both “around” and “don’t bother me” bring a whole new feel to the EP. Giving off almost an air of indifference towards those who oppose her, Charmaine self-assuredly portrays her ability to move on and upwards from people who would only drag her down. Self-confidence is an evident characteristic of Charmaine’s work, and does not fall short in either track.

One of the catchiest tracks of the entire EP is “hurts a little less”. Sage Charmaine’s incredible vocal range is on full display in this memorable melody. This upbeat piece is a perfect song for summer-time drives with the windows down.  With a sound that is almost wistful, this song  will make you want to throw your hands up and dance. The craftsmanship required to portray heartbreaking lyrics in an upbeat way is not easily achieved. Charmaine should be very proud of this amazingly strong tune.

Closing out the EP is “happy birthday”, an angsty depiction of romance gone wrong . Similar to Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats”, this song cleverly portrays the revenge someone might take on a boyfriend or girlfriend who done them wrong. With lines such as “I forgot your birthday card, so I knocked the windows out your car”, and “what were you expecting, a happy f***ing ending”, this is a great song to sing when you just want to  get your anger out.

Overall, Don’t Leave Me is an immeasurably strong debut EP for an already well received artist. Make sure to stream it now on your favorite platform!