Jade Hassouné, born in Montreal, Quebec, found his love of acting at just 10 years old. Jade’s first big break came when he got casted to star alongside former Hannah Montana Star Emily Osment in ABC family’s CYBERBULLY. After that Jade went on to star as Prince Ahmed for two seasons in CBC’s television series Heartland. His life changed when he was casted as Meliorn in Shadowhunters. Aside from being onscreen, Jade also is the voice of Mason Rana in the video game Starlink: Battle for Atlas. Jade also has a love for music stemming from his mother, inspiring him to release his debut EP entitled Love Letter to a Fandom.

When was the moment that you realized you wanted to pursue acting? 

JADE: “It was when I was 10 years old and I stepped on stage to do a scene. I felt my heart open and fill with a feeling of joy, of ‘right place, right time’ like I was exactly where I was supposed to be. And I knew that’s what I was supposed to do. Later I realized that what I felt was the feeling of joy that connection brings. And so I decided that this was what I wanted to feel forever.”

You starred as Meliorn on Shadowhunters, which recently aired its last season. What are some of your favorite memories from working on the show? 

JADE: “My favorite part is spending time with my friends and laughing. It is really fun that we get to reenact an epic fantasy story too!! I loved it when we were a big group all interacting as the characters. The finally episodes are a great example of that.”

What has been your favorite part about being Meliorn on the show? 

JADE: “Playing a character that is over a hundred years old, who has a broader vision of life than the rest of them, who is somewhat of a prince and feels superior to humans. That was fun!”

What has been the hardest thing to say goodbye to from working on the show? 

JADE: “To know that we wouldn’t be working together in this way again. But we are going to be seeing each other for the summer conventions tour, so it’s not like it was the end of our adventures. Only in one sense.”

In addition to acting, you’re also working on your debut EP Love Letters to a Fandom. What can we expect from the EP? 

JADE: “Yes! You can expect some pop music, filled with some of my deepest feelings and emotions that I don’t normally share. I have written some songs about the experiences my life has had since the ‘Shadowhunters’ fans helped change my life. And how it feels to be on tour and meet amazing people, at conventions and also in a personal way, and how it is to have to say goodbye to them. Falling in love, feeling heartbreak, but feeling love from the shadowfam regardless of the hardships of my life.”

Where do you find most inspiration when writing music? 

JADE: “Love and heartbreak but also from my self-confidence and inner guidance to follow my own path, to do me and remind everyone that what you dream of and how you feel is what is most important, not what people say to you or expect from you.”

Is there anything else we can expect from you in the near future? 

JADE: “Yes! I am creating a platform where I will be connecting with the fans on a more personal level, where we will be collaborating on art projects and where they will be able to share their ideas as to what I should create next. I want to bring people together and create a community for us to continue what we all started. To go with my EP launch, I have created a behind-the-scenes series where they will get to experience my transition from actor to musician, where they will join my inner circle and become part of my life like never before. Stay tuned for the launch of my Patreon page!!!”