The guys of Chase Atlantic are back at it again with the full-length album titled PHASES, coming just a few short months following the release of the incredible DON’T TRY THIS EP. We were lucky to have the opportunity to have an early peak into the album to let you know what you are really in for… and don’t worry, it’s definitely a treat.

The album begins with “INTRO,” which accomplishes just what it says. The calming, but also uncertain sound of this first track is perfect for those days you just need the music to do the work for you – no words, no excess emotion, yet eliciting a feeling of continuation in the listener.

Moving straight onto “ANGELS,” which the guys actually debuted on their current tour for fans who just couldn’t wait to hear it. “ANGELS” is a perfect follow-up to the debut track, but brings more of the upbeat, party, psychedelic sound that we all love Chase Atlantic for.

Following is “PHASES,” the title track to the album. First thought: I could imagine myself doing stupid things with my friends while “PHASES” blasted in the background like a cringy, yet addicting coming-of-age movie. I guess it might really be a phase after all….

Fans got a full peak at “LOVE IS (NOT) EASY” with the announcement of the album, so this one comes as no surprise. Still, it holds itself well on the album, really showing the musical; overall, I believe this song fully captures Mitchel’s vocal potential, with equally as incredible rhythmic sounds.

Personally, I was very excited when they released the next track, “HER”, early. Chase Atlantic might as well be known for their bold, yet legendary lyrics and I believe “HER” completely encompasses that idea, just less than that of songs like “DEVILISH” and “LIKE A ROCKSTAR” from the DON’T TRY THIS EP.

“NO RAINBOWS” was a surprising one for me at first, and then the chorus kicked in. Some of what they do best is turning a song around for the absolute best with a rocking chorus and I think this is a great example of that for them.

Right away, “HEAVEN AND BACK” had a different sound to it, but definitely not in a bad way. Take my word for it and listen to this song while driving, arguably above the speed limit with the windows down, and thank me later!

Before I listened to “STUCKINMYBRAIN,” I saw an Instagram post mentioning how this song was targeted at the idea of mental illness, and I knew it was going to be a favorite right off the bat – and clearly I wasn’t the only one (just take a look at the comments). This song, I believe is the best, lyric-wise, that graces this album!

Following is “EVEN THOUGH I’M DEPRESSED,” which might be a perfect transition to some. The topic of depression continues into the song, but still has an upbeat sound to it – almost creating a motivational emotion in a listener. After all, “I f***ing love it, even though I’m depressed.”

Doing what they do best with a dark background, “TOO LATE” is a perfect late night song. And that bass… is more than incredible. Thank you for this one.

The beat of “I NEVER EXISTED” is what stands out the most to me. The extremely unique yet simple drum beats encompass the vocals and other instruments almost seamlessly, creating some sort of musical euphoria, I guess you could say.

Finally, “I DON’T LIKE DARKNESS” closes out the album with some heavy lyrics, but what else could you expect? Don’t shy away from track twelve, though, ‘cause it is almost like all songs prior mixed together to form it. Definitely recommend listening to this one in your room with some warm string lights on; after all, can’t have complete darkness.

Let us know what you think about Chase Atlantic’s new album, “PHASES,” and what your favorite song is! And remember, music is meant to be shared so tell all your friends about what you’ve just experienced!