That’s pretty much the only word I could use to describe the unforgettable night that was the Wilder Woods show in Brooklyn, New York. From the intimate venue to the vibrant set to the energetic audience, each and every piece of the night perfectly fused to create an atmosphere of, to put it simply, good vibes. 

The night kicked off with Rodrick Cliche and Four20's who made up not only Wilder Wood’s openers, but his own personal band during the main set as well. With their funky rhythmic energy, and self-proclaimed “walk through a record store” set list, Rodrick Cliche and Four20's introduced just the right amount of hype to warm the audience up for the show.

By the time 9pm rolled around, the audience was buzzing, ready to see the ever-anticipated main act. The audience was made up of both committed NEEDTOBREATHE fans and brand new Wilder Woods fans. No matter how long they had known the name Bear Rinehart, everyone had one thing in common; they were ready to jam.

When Wilder Woods hit the stage, the hype reached an all-time high and everyone let loose. Starting off with his own personal favorite and the first on the album, “Light Shine In” brought out everyone’s singing voices and dance moves, kicking off the night with the high energy the album calls for.

Wilder Woods kept the night flowing, mixing album pieces with a few fan-favorite covers. Some notable moments included the heartfelt and personable anecdote that introduced “Feel” as well as the completely acoustic rendition of “Religion.” 

With so much energy it only seemed fitting that the night ended on a high note, which Wilder Woods knew. He closed out the night with a fan favorite and his number one play on Spotify, “Supply & Demand.” This upbeat bop calls for all the dance moves, and that’s just what the audience and Wilder Woods did. Even after he exited the stage, the audience continued to sing and dance to that last little bit of an unforgettable night.

If it wasn’t clear, I personally felt like the night could not have been more-free and fun flowing. In fact, it was so good, you might just catch me getting tickets to the next closest one, which would be a short 10-hour drive.

If you want to have the time of your life and hear songs that are even better live than they are recorded, get your Wilder Woods tickets right now.