When was the moment that you realized you wanted to be an artist?

Cimo: “I was always making music as a kid, I always imagined myself dancing around the stage. Those were just dreams then. When I was 15 a button switched and said: ‘I will not do anything else than music.’”

For those who have not yet heard your music, how would you describe it to them?

Cimo: “Pop love songs with an R&B seasoning from downtempo to uptempo.”

You recently released your latest EP Stay the Night – can you tell us a little about the EP and the process creating it?

Cimo: “For some of the songs I have only had melodies for over a couple of years. But I always knew I wanted to release them. I wanted an 80s/90s feel for the EP. But I also wanted it to sound fresh so I combined modern elements with classic tricks.”

What song on the EP would you say best represents you as an artist?

Cimo: “Dance till Dawn. It combines everything I grew up on with what I feel is my natural instinct in making music. Long chords, pads, guitar, groovy beat.”

Where do you find most inspiration when creating music?

Cimo: “A safe environment, home. Not too many people around. Lights slightly dimmed and super comfortable on a bug chair or bean bag, and when it’s starting to become something: a lot of pacing.”

We also recently released two new concept videos from the EP – what can you tell us about the videos?

Cimo: “The director, David O’Donohue, really focused on the art in these videos. Visual poetry.”

Is there anything else we can expect from you in the near future?

Cimo: “I will be releasing a set of songs very soon. I am working on a certain style that focuses on a lot of backing vocal accents.”