Canadian born actress Genevieve Buechner has been starring in the hit show UnREAL for almost two years now. Madison, Genevieve’s character on the show, is a bit of an interesting person who may get herself into some “dirty” situations. In this recent interview with Genevieve, we learned everything about her role on UnREAL and her other amazing roles. You can find Genevieve on her social media accounts to stay up to date with her talents!


Can you tell us a little about yourself?

GENEVIEVE: "I'm actually a pretty quiet person, I don’t really party or do anything extravagant. I love reading and watching movies at home, and spending time painting. I also love traveling. Learning about people and seeing places with different cultures is fascinating and important to me."


Do you think where you grew up and who you grew up with influenced your decision to be an actress in any way?

GENEVIEVE: "I do. I grew up half of the time on farmland and the other half in a big city. I think that helped me get a real sense of how different people can be depending on where they are from. My mother is an artist and my father is a musician, so I was always surrounded by very creative, intelligent people. They never stopped me from being who I was and always supported my creative side."


When did acting become something you wanted to seriously pursue?

GENEVIEVE: "It was always something I wanted, but how I wanted it and what I wanted from it changed. I started very young, and I loved it. I thought acting was exciting and so much fun. Once I got a little older and learned more about the entertainment industry, I really started caring about everything involved, not just how fun it was for me, but how it effected other people. That means a lot to me."


How do you relate to your character Madison in UnREAL?

GENEVIEVE: "Madison is so different than I am personality wise, BUT we truly are just as awkward and clumsy as each other. I drop things and bump into stuff all the time. To be totally honest, a lot of the clumsy moments with Madison happened because I really did drop the prop or knock over the cup! She’s also pretty determined, which I can be too, but I tend to keep my determination to myself much more than she does."


How did it feel when you found out that UnREAL was returning for a third season?

GENEVIEVE: "We were actually still filming season two when we learned we got a third season! I’ve never worked on anything where that has happened, so I was pretty excited. I was jumping around and crossing my fingers that Madison would be back! I have so much fun on UnREAL with the cast and crew, they are all so amazing. I was very grateful that I would have the chance to work with them all again."


How did it feel to win an award for Best Lead Performance by a Female in 2003?

GENEVIEVE: "I was so little at the time, I didn’t really know what it meant. I was very flattered, but I didn’t realize that there were judges. I thought people were just being nice. The rest of my family was more excited than I was, and I didn’t understand why!"




Out of all of the amazing shows and movies you’ve guest starred in, what has been your favorite personally and which do you think you’ve learned the most from?

GENEVIEVE: "This is a tough one, I’ve worked on so many things I care about, and I've learned something new on every set. But I guess if I had to pick one, it would be the first thing I ever acted in. It was a movie called Saint Monica and I was the lead. I was nine years old, it was the first audition I ever had, and the first set I'd ever been on. That movie and experience holds a very special place in my heart. It started it all for me!"


What is your biggest milestone so far?

GENEVIEVE: "Working in sci-fi and comedy! I love both and didn’t think I would ever be involved in either when I started. Next on the list is fantasy. Everything I’ve been lucky enough to work on has been a milestone in a way though. I’ve learned something on every show and movie. They are all important in some way."


Anything else coming up you can share?

GENEVIEVE: "Work wise, I've just been really focused on UnREAL. As for personal, I'm going on a trip to Japan for a month with my sister. I’m so excited! We’ve wanted to go to Japan our whole lives. There is so much we want to do and see! I’ve never been anywhere in Asia before, so I’m really looking forward to seeing and experiencing a culture from the other side of the world."