We recently spoke with the amazing Jasmin Savoy Brown from HBO's, The Leftovers. However, she isn't just an incredible actress, she has a plethora of other talents that make her unique in the industry. Below you'll find our exclusive interview with her that discusses everything you'll need to know for your new favorite actress. Also be sure to look out for Jasmin as she stars in Will on TNT!


Who or what inspired you to get into acting?

JASMIN: "I came out of the womb an actor. I knew that was what I wanted to do. Luckily, my mom encouraged me from the beginning to peruse my dreams and ambitions with every ounce of my being. I know that is a popular argument in 'why to find millennials annoying' - the overconfidence and genuine belief that they can achieve anything. But, I think what people miss sometimes is that 'overconfidence' is in fact just normal confidence. There is nothing extra or over about it, because we do actually often achieve our dreams. It's a very beautiful thing and I'm beyond grateful that my mom gave me that gift."


What was your first acting role?

JASMIN: "My first theatre acting role was Betsy Ross in a church musical at five years old. I remember my entire song! My first film acting role was 'girl lying on garage floor with broken arm.' I had zero lines and I was freezing, but I was the happiest I'd been up until that point."


When you’re not acting, what do you like to do in your free time?

JASMIN: "I am currently making my way through the Thug Kitchen cookbook and I am loving it! It is very easy to spend way too much money on eating out, so my girlfriend and I are focused on cooking food at home and we're making it our goal to waste zero food. We haven't met the goal yet, but we've cut down our waste by probably sixty percent so far. I love to travel and spend time in the mountains, and currently I am focused on writing my first album."


What do you love most about working on The Leftovers?

JASMIN: "What I loved most about working on The Leftovers was the community. Every artist involved in that show from actor to writer to set designer, was the kind of person at the top of his or her game. Not one person was a diva, and not one person did not love being there. It was impossible not to constantly be learning new things because everywhere you turned, there was another master just having fun."




Recently, TNT’s new drama Will premiered – can you tell us a little about the show?

JASMIN: "Yes! Will is about William Shakespeare, but not the way we know him. He is stripped down, raw and vulnerable and as a result, he is much more relatable and sexy. We get to witness his transformation from an unknown boy from out of town, to the famous hero we all know and love him to be. The show is brought to life with a modern punk rock score that highlights the angst and appeal of being an artist. It is unique and badass."


How do you relate to your character Emilia Bassano on Will?

JASMIN: "To be honest I have a lot to learn from Emilia. She knows who she is to her core. I'm not that confident yet to claim certainly that I know who I am. She is loving, passionate, meticulous, strong, gentle, vulnerable, wise and funny. I suppose I relate most to her sense of artistry. If nothing else, she is an artist, and that piece of my identity is what keeps me centered and sure of who I am."


Out of all the roles you have portrayed, which would you say is your favorite?

JASMIN: "This question isn't fair! They are all my favorites in different ways. Evie is my favorite because she taught me so much, lasted so long, and gave me more gifts than I can count. Emilia is my favorite because she took the most work physically, emotionally and mentally."


Is there a certain type of role that you haven’t portrayed yet that you would like to in the future?

JASMIN: "I would love to play a dark, haunted woman. Someone who recently went through a tragedy and perhaps became mentally unstable as a result. Something scary."