NBC’s latest comedy series, “A.P. Bio” features Eddie Leavy as Anthony Lewis, a bright, young student in Jack’s bio class (played by Glenn Howerton). The show also features Patton Oswalt with Seth Meyers and Lorne Michaels as executive producers. In addition to playing Anthony Lewis, Leavy has also appeared on shows such as The Neighbors, Tosh.0, Bella and the Bulldogs, and Those Who Can’t. He brings a lively, comedic energy to any situation which can be proven through the interview below!


When did you first get involved with acting?

"I started performing when I was in 3rd grade. My parents forced me to do this theater camp over the summer in my hometown of Shelton, CT. I didn't really want to do the camp because it was only cool to play sports and be athletic. However, as soon as I started singing and dancing and acting on stage, there was no going back."


You currently star as Anthony Lewis in the new show ‘A.P. Bio’ – can you tell us a little about the show and your character?

"A.P. Bio is about a disgraced Harvard philosophy professor, Jack Griffin, who ends up teaching an A.P. biology class in his hometown of Toledo, Ohio. Jack has no interest in teaching the students anything to do with biology, and instead uses the students to carry out "revenge missions" on people whom he dislikes. With this, chaos ensues. My character Anthony is a student in Jack's classroom, and is not happy that Jack is messing with his education."


What’s your favorite part about working on the set of the show?

"Being on set was a dream come true! I loved being able to spend everyday with the most amazing cast and crew - it honestly didn't feel like work. I definitely made some life long friendships, and learned so much while filming the show."


Out of all the roles you have portrayed, which would you say has been your favorite and why?

"Anthony has been my favorite! There are a lot of similarities between Anthony and myself, and it gave me a great level of comfortably on set."


We read that you also co-directed and starred in the short titled ‘#ToothFairies’ – can you tell us a little about this project?

"Yes! #ToothFairies is this amazing web series created by my incredible friend Jordan Van Clief. She came up with this amazing universe in which we get to see the behind the scenes drama of the tooth fairies, and see how hard they have to fight to get the respect they deserve. It's so amazing to collaborate with your friends, and we had such a blast filming it. Our third season will be premiering next month!"


Did you find it challenging to direct and act in the same project?

"It was hard! You really have to wear two different hats - first with the big picture of the episode at hand, but also worrying about your own character's material.  But Jordan was such a great leader, so it was very easy to talk about her vision for the show. I felt good about it."


Is directing something you would like to do more of in the future?

"Yes, I really enjoyed it. I have a little more experience directing for the stage, but I would like to also learn more about directing for film. I would also love to create my own show one day. Seeing Mike O'Brien, the creator of A.P. Bio, in action was very inspiring."




When you aren’t acting what can we find you doing?

"I'm usually just galavanting around LA! I value my friends here so much, so I love to spend any free time with them. I love going to concerts, checking out new brunch spots, and watching movies."


Are there any goals as an actor that you hope to achieve in the future? 

"Ah, there are so many! I really want to do it all - film, TV, theater, and music. I would really love to do a musical project for film and TV - I love shows like Empire and Glee that feature a ton of music in their storytelling, and would love to be a part of something similar in the future!"